British Rallycross Test

Llandow Test Day

Llandow test day was all about optimising the car setup and by the end of the day we really had it nailed!

A nice sunny day in the welsh hills allowed us to make efficient use of time and we went they’re with a few specific tasks and a few outcomes we were looking for.

Ultimately we wanted to get the car balanced, and turning in as best we could!

So how did we do this?

Test one saw us lower the car slightly which improved car turn in ever so slightly but them more fundamental changes come from the diffs!

With a rear diff change in test 2 making the car underivable, we took to the centre diff altering ramp angles and ultimately friction plates in the rear diff to get the power coming on from the rear exactly when we need it to optimise exit speed without pushing understeer on exit!

Final change came with some new altered lower arms which affected camber, giving the car a better feel and more responsive steering.

So what now?

Now the car is optimised as close as we would like it were working away on the car ready for race weekend at Pembrey this weekend!

We go into the weekend lying second on overall points and third with dropscore’s.

With the car handling near perfection were hoping to have a good weekend racing and come away with two wins if luck is on our side.

Check out the link to get tickets and come along to enjoy the ride!

Xite Racing Driver & former motocross rider Oliver Bennett will compete in the Toyo Tyres MSA British Rallycross Championship this season, racing an ex-OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta Supercar.

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