Round 8 Pembrey day 2

Day 2 was once again very wet track and the track was ran the opposite way to Saturday. With championship contender Ollie O’donnovan having a major off in practice resulting in a hospital trip.

Q1 Bennett got a good start in heat 1and posted some competitive lap times, it was all very close overall but it was Bennett that took Q1 heat1 win, it was the pace of heat 2 that placed Bennett 4th overall with Godfrey taking the win.

Q2 and Bennett was in the company of Godfrey, Scott and Heathcote, who was looking the real deal in the wet, it was set you be a quick race and that it was with a very impressive pace set by all 4 drivers. A neat and tidy run from Bennett, who was experiencing his first weekend in the wet in his short rallycross career, sat him in 3rd but crucially, he was 4 seconds quicker than championship leader Godfrey. Nathan Heathcote took the q2 win with Kevin proctor and warren Hcott posting good times.

Q3 was again a very fast looking race, Kevin proctor replaced Godfrey in this one with a quick front row of Heathcote, Proctor,Scott and Bennett at the back. With the joker first lap looking rewarding in other races, Bennett dived for it off the start, unfortunately, proctor and Scott had the same plan, with Bennett starting at the back he was then stuck with limited passing opportunities as heathcote distanced his self from the rest of the pack with a free track.

No semi final due to retirements


Bennett started from the middle row and once again dived for the joker, Heathecote got the start and left Godfrey and Scott chasing on, extremely wet conditions meant any mistake would be punished, Godfrey ended up behind Bennett but with Bennett running very slightly wide on the rough, Godfrey dived up the inside and gained a place, Warren Scott was next to leave a gap for the experienced championship leader to make his move. Bennett then found his self not on Scotts heals but again due to the wet, was unable to find a passing opportunity, meanwhile, Heathcote was faultless and romped to victory with Godfrey in second, warren Scott held on to 3rd with Bennett in 4th, its only the second time in his debut season that Bennett has missed out on a podium but experienced gained never the less. It’s all to play for in Croft.


Godfrey- 170

Heathcote- 160

Bennett -156

Odonnovan -142

Proctor – 136


Xite Racing Driver & former motocross rider Oliver Bennett will compete in the Toyo Tyres MSA British Rallycross Championship this season, racing an ex-OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta Supercar.

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