Round 7 & 8 Pembrey! Slip and Slide

Day one at pembrey was round 7. A lot of rain on Friday and over night into Saturday morning caused a very wet track as the weather continued to rain until mid morning.

With testing on the car being a success it was also Oliver’s first event in the wet, so a challenging day ahead.

Through Q1 it was Heathcote that set the pace, going a whole 12 seconds quicker than championship leader Godfrey in the overall Race time. Bennett was still getting used to the conditions but finishing a respectable 4th overall after Q1 with some underlying car set up issues causing handling issues.

Q2 the track was still wet, although the rain had ceased half hour before. Godfrey was finding pace, a kiss and cuddle between Julian and Nathan heathcote meant Bennett slipped nicely into second place and that’s how it stayed until the End, putting a more favourable position moving into Q3.

Q3 and the track was almost dry with the high winds and some sunshine, although Kevin Proctor put a quick time and went 3rd overall it was Bennett who had the front row final start, accompanied by Godfrey and Ollie O’Donnovan.

No semi final due to retirements

The final started and it was Bennett who was quickest of the line but was unable to shut the door on a rapid Godfrey who had the inside line into turn one. It was then a game of cat and mouse as they went on to pull a gap from the rest of the field.

Bennetts joker brought him out just behind O’Donnovan but with Ollie then serving his joker the lap in the next lap, Bennett took second place back. He then went in pursuit of Godfrey closing down within inches but unable to find a passing opportunity without contact.

The close call racing continued into the remaining laps which saw Godfrey take a 2 second victory, with Bennett in a close second and Ollie O’Donnovan not far behind in third place.

All remained for a final championship fight the next day. Round 8 day 2 at Pembrey.

Xite Racing Driver & former motocross rider Oliver Bennett will compete in the Toyo Tyres MSA British Rallycross Championship this season, racing an ex-OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta Supercar.

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